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Electric Space Heater Danger!  It is not safe to plug an electric space heater into your RV's electrical system. These heaters can cause electrical fires. THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL RV'ers!
Electric Space Heater Danger (.pdf) 105 kb
Electric Space Heater Danger (txt) 13kb

Understanding GFI Circuit Protection:
GFI outlet issues are a common cause for service calls. It's important to understand their function & purpose. This article discusses GFI outlets in depth and should be referred to prior to calling for service on the device.
GFI Devices (.pdf) 483kb

Batteries & Slide Rooms
: Discusses the importance of having an adequate battery bank to operate the slide room system.
Batteries & Slide rooms (.pdf) 109 kb

Water Pressure Regulators: This article explains the importance of always using a water pressure regulator at the water source - a must read for all RV'ers!
Water Pressure Regulator (.pdf) 256kb

Dometic Refrigerator Eyebrow Switches: This article discusses the purpose and operation of the "Low Ambient Temp" and "Climate Control" switches found on some Dometic Refrigerators. It also discusses the freeze protection system and water leaks from the ice maker fill line.
Dometic Eyebrow Switches (.pdf) 367 kb

Dometic 5 button Thermostat: This article is of importance to anyone who owns an RV with the Duo-Therm 5 (or 4) button LCD Climate Control thermostat with multiple zones. It discusses a potential issue that may cause your system not to operate.
Dometic CCC Thermostat (.pdf) 154kb

Converters - Inverters....what are they, what do they do? Educational article on Inverters and Converters, their function and operation. All RV's with a 12 volt system has some form of charging capability, so all RV owners will find this article informative and addresses quite a few failure issues also.
Converters/Inverters (.pdf) 436 kb

Ammonia Absorption Refrigerators: Discussion of how ammonia absorption refrigerators operate and differ from your residential refrigerator. Covers the importance of leveling your RV refrigerator and what to (and not to) expect from your RV's refrigerator.
Ammonia Absorption Refrigerators (.pdf) 330 kb

How to relate Service Issues to the Technician: A "must-read" article before calling for repair service!
Before Calling For Service (.pdf) 35kb

Holding Tank Issues? Let's face it, issues with your sewage holding tanks are never a good thing.  From routine maintenance to an urgent service need, Sundance Custom RV recommends Duane Sanders at RVFlush. I have found Duane to uphold the same service standards I adhere to.  Call him at 800-517-6977 or visit his web site at WWW.RVFLUSH.COM

Norcold Recall Kit Placement:  If you have a Norcold 12XX series 4 door refrigerator that has had the HT SENSOR recall kit installed, the control box placement should be adjusted so that the front of the control box faces down, not out. The control box can be  accidentally tripped by moisture entering it, such as when the RV is pressure washed. Rotating the box down (which is held in place by a spring clamp and easily rotated) lowers the possibility of water intrusion. Recall information can be found at this site: NORCOLD RECALL INFORMATION If you have any questions on this, please contact Norcold recall line at 800-767-9101.

Escaping RV Fires. Customers Jerry & Jane Lihou hold seminars regarding escaping your RV in the event of fires. This bulletin has some great pointers that ALL RV owners need to practice, regardless of your physical condition. In addition, make sure your LPG, CO and Smoke Detectors are not expired, test them monthly, and know the location of your Fire Extinguishers - all RV's should have 3, entry, galley and bedroom. Thanks Jerry & Jane!
Escaping RV Fire (.pdf) 583kb


Warranty Service Provider for Norcold and Dometic Refrigerator Recalls - call for details!
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In my years of experience, I frequently find that many problems experienced by RV'ers are due to the owner not fully understanding how their RV systems operate and many problems can often be averted by having more than a basic knowledge of the functions of their RV's systems. These articles are presented to help enlighten you, my customers, slightly beyond the basics and give you the background as to why systems operate the way they do, and in having this knowledge hopefully will help you to avert common problems. Some articles are lengthy, but I sincerely hope that you will find the information interesting and the contents in them someday of use to you should you suffer a problem that is addressed in them. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently as I intend to continue to build and expand this database for my customers.
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