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Sundance Custom RV realizes that your RV is your home or home away from home.  From routine maintenance to emergency service, make Sundance Custom RV your first call!
(760) 408-2836
Sundance Custom RV is currently servicing Silent Valley RV Club!
Silent Valley Service is available Thursday through Monday, Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry, Desert area service is not currently available. Service Updates will be posted here and on my Facebook page.

Please call 760-408-2836 to make service request, or fill out service request form available at the Silent Valley Ranger Station - BE SURE TO DATE AND TIME YOUR REQUEST in order to be placed in line for service - missing information will delay service.
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Reminder!  Many people don't realize the danger of using portable electric heaters in their RV's!
Click-->Please read this important Warning! <--Click
A somewhat safer means of operating a portable electric heater is to run a HEAVY DUTY extension cord out to the extra outlet on the park pedestal thereby keeping the high wattage load off of your RV's electrical system. 
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Noticing quite a few Air Conditioner Condenser coils damaged by pressure washing the roof! This reduces the efficiency of the unit by blocking air flow across the condenser.
click HERE to see a picture of this kind of damage.

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Warranty Service Provider for Norcold and Dometic Refrigerator Recalls - call for details!